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We offer trading feeds across more than one liqudity provider. You get the deepest liquidity in the market from both bank and non bank sources at lightning fast speeds.

Both our Single Feed Account and Aggregated Feed Account, are STP accounts. Straight Through Processing is often-mentioned but not well understood by the market. You want your trades placed with us, to go to the market, not stay with us. We do not deal against you, we do not trade against you, period.

Since the feeds are straight from the Liquidity Providers using FIX protocols, they are as good as the prices you can get on any institutional platform. Tighest spreads for the lowest commissions. Choose you preferred trading platform.

No wonder everybody says, You Should Be Trading Here.

Are You Truly Trading STP?

STP refers to Straight Through Processing. This is often mentioned but not well-understood. STP trades refer to having your trades placed through the broker, us, to the liquidity providers who then place the trades to the market, either the banks or non-bank Electronic Communication Networks(ECNs).

In contrast, non-STP brokers do not place your trades to the liquidity providers and hence, it means you are not trading in the market. Point blank, you are trading against the broker. When your trade wins, the broker loses, and vice-versa.

No wonder everybody says, You Should Be Trading Here.


Successful traders are not born, they learn the ropes. But sometimes, success can be copied as well.

Successful traders who sign up as trade leaders will be able to have their trades available for viewing on our Mirror Trading Site. Customizeable fields allow the trade leaders to choose what they want to show or not, to the public. Trade followers, basically any other trader, will be able to view the leaders' track record as well as opened and closed positions.

If they like what they see, they may choose to incorporate the trading strategy of the leaders' by copying the leaders' trades onto their own accounts.* They may choose a few ways to copy,

  • trade size proportional by balance

  • trade size proportional by equity

  • trade size of a multiplier including same size


Followers can follow as many leaders as they wish, at their own risk appetite. We advise extreme caution here as configuring excessive copying may result in dramatically increased risk. For all aspiring followers, we highly recommend to do the copying on a demo account, similar in size to what you intend to fund your live account with, to familiarise with the features and risk/reward potential of the Mirror Trading service, before embarking live.

Trade leaders spend a lot of time and effort, often spending a lot of monies in "fees" as well, to get to being a successful trader. The Mirror Trading service automatically charges the followers a proportional amount in commissions relative to trade size according to the Mirror Trading fee schedule, and we pay the commissions to the trade leaders, less our platform usage fees.

This site is under beta testing.
Risk Warning: Trading on margin involves a high level of risk.